The Square

Belonging to the EARTH and the element of MULTIFORM LIGHT, TERSICORE represents DANCE. It is the dazzling, the smiling woman, who brings the choral songs among us all. His association with dance represents the creative union between body and rhythm, of its definitive movement the limits of space, the musical relationship between Matter and Energy, between Gravity and Liberty, between Transcendence and Permanence. Dance and poetry are a universal need, an artistic expression of the human being, an instinct related to breathing. It lives in a faraway place, but each time desired, called, loved by a creative necessity, it leads to our world.

Technical Specification

Loving lyric poetry, has the geometric shape of the Esaedro: “THE SQUARE”, of UNIFORM LIGHT but penetrating. Its OPTICS are not Flood, so as to have a large beam of LIGHT soft but not too widespread.ledge.

Size 100x100cm
Weight 39 Kg
Upcoming dimensions 50 and 50 cm
Tunable White 2.800°K / 6.600°K
Power 1.280W
DMX controlled SPOT
Beam angle 17°
Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
Illumination at 1omt distance 9.583 Lux / 890,26 Fc