The Decagon

TALIA (The Comedy) is the Muse example of Unity for all of humanity, her grace always leads to reconciliation. With the enlargement of the ARIA Element, the MELODIOSA LIGHT, TALIA supervises COMEDY and the grace of the Satire, her presence always leads to reconciliation, becomes the Muse example of Unity for all humanity. The Light that emanates helps the PhiLosophers to intuit, to think, to speak, about the balance of oppsites, to find in every moment a possible agreement. Talia teaches and helps to live in harmony with others and with ourselves. She is the Mother among the Mothers, as in the Olympus Cybele was the great Mother of Gods.

Technical Specification

TALIA, is heading towards the approach of the completeness of: the Decaedro, from which “The DECAGON”, of the EQUILIBRATING LIGHT is born. It is the maximum extension of MULTIFORM LIGHT, SUFFUSED, SOFT, WRAPPING, BALANCING. A possible achievement of the union between the Light and the Shadow.

Size 120×120 cm
Weight 50 Kg
Upcoming dimensions 60×60 cm
Tunable White 2.800°K / 6.600°K
Power 1536W
Beam angle 80°
Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
Illumination at 5mt distance 3.001 Lux / 278,85 Fc