The Pentagon

POLYMNIA, belonging to the WATER Element, its MANIFESTING Light is represented with the SONG. In overseeing MELODY, she uses her divinatory arts to make human being to become creative people . More than anything, she remind humans the extraordinary creative ability that they can have in them, thanks to the love that dominates every moment of their life. She inspires a strong expressive tendency, pushes the human soul to feel strong, sure of being able to do, to overcome all those obstacles of life. Her Enchantment generates in human beings a sense of Sensibility that rises to an individual state that can be compared to Meditation. Polymnia comes from an AFTER-LIFE that only the Visionaries can glimpse, to guess, to dream.

Technical Specification

POLYMNIA with the geometric form of: Duocedron, from which it is born: “The PENTAGON”, is the source of a UNVEIL LIGHT. It ‘s the beginning of DIFFUSED LIGHTS, SOFT, WRAPS, that lead to the unity of Light with the Shadow.

Size 50×50 cm
Weight 10 Kg
Upcoming dimensions 25×25 cm
Tunable White 2.800°K / 6.600°K
Power 280W
DMX controlled FLOOD
Beam angle 25°
Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
Illumination at 5mt distance 3.933 Lux / 365,41 Fc