The Triangle

The element for MELPOMENE (The AUSTERA, The TRAGEDY) is the FIRE. Reacting quickly to the stimulus of life, triggers a process of renewal in all of us. It symbolizes the detachment of the umbilical cord from our Mother: the Earth. Melpomene is also a Menade, in her Memory she has the emotion of beginning the life of Man. It is the tremor that causes a great emotion, but at the same time she has such an Energy that establishes the possibility of a future rebirth. Melpomene carries the beginning of Knowledge, a sense of generative and destructive power blows together, like the rising of the Sun announced by Aurora. It must be loved and listened with feeling, she feel the need of each of us as we are of her.

Technical Specification

MELPOMENE with its geometric figure of the Tetrahedron: “THE TRIANGLE”, by PENETRATING LIGHT, has a DRAMATIC LIGHT. Despite being an INCIDENT LIGHT, its multitude of LED Lights does not make it a Point Light but pierces the darkness of non-knowledge.

100 cm

Weight 21 Kg
Upcoming dimensions 50 and 25 cm
Tunable White 2.800°K / 6.600°K
Power 640W
DMX controlled NARROW SPOT
Beam angle 11°
Input 90-250V 50-60Hz
Illumination at 1omt distance 9.252 Lux / 859,58 Fc