The Puntiform

The beginning of the MUSES OF LIGHT journey is between the ONE and ALL, from the BLACK of Darkness to the WHITE of enlightenment, to the geometry of the CIRCLE, to the symbol of the Infinity, to the ENERGY of the LIGHT POINT. As far as one might think that in CALLIOPE (the LEGEND, the EPIC) all the Elements are present, she prefers the FIRE. As Queen of the Muses she is the oldest among them. She leads the behavior of the other sisters by inspiring poets to preserve the great stories of heroes seeking immortality. Pushing the Writers to discovery, at the beginning of a journey, to write the Legends. Calliope blesses how many of us find the daring to experience the concept of ONE, the POINT representing the beginning of the whole, the Intuition of the Visible Energy called: LIGHT.

Technical Specification

CALLIOPE expresses itself with a SINGLE LED, a LIGHT POINT designed to create a true separation between its LIGHT and the SHADOW that surrounds it. It represents the division of the ONE, the birth of the Light / Shadow conflict. It is a PUNTIFORM LIGHT, which creates with its sharp and cutting ray a very deep SHADOWS.

Size Lens 35 cm
Weight 20 Kg
Upcoming dimensions Lens 12 cm
Tunable White 2.800°K / 6.600°K
Power 600W
Beam angle 60°
Input 90-250V 50-60Hz